Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Golden Boy

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Meet Kintaro Oe a student of life. He dropped out of college just short of graduating even though he completed all his courses. On his trusty pink bike he wonders from place to place performing part time jobs and studying the world. His interests are day dreaming and pretty women. Although most people don't notice at first glance there is much more to him than meets the eye.

Golden boy consists of perverted and senseless humour that's funny and will make you laugh of course it does get a little too mature for younger audiences times. At only 6 episodes Golden boy is a short anime series definately worth a look.

Sure was alot of bouncing though... heh... bouncy...


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In the world of the ninja Uzumaki Naruto is a Genin trouble maker cursed with having a demon fox sealed within him. Along with his team mates Uchiha Sasuke and Haruno Sakura he seeks to achieve his dream of becoming Hokage and a stronger ninja.

It's a good anime and a successful series. It has a nice balance of humour, action and a very well developed plot. (That is untill the filler episodes which concentrate mostly on humouur and action) The main purpose of this review is to inform the reader of the advantage of whatching the orginal subtitled Japanese series over the English Dubbed series. With the original voice acting and script it presents a completely different atmosphere also none of the contents have been tailored for English audiences so be assured you miss out on none of the action.

Believe it...

Monday, August 21, 2006


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In a world where cat ears are the symbols of ones chastity....

Aoyagi Ritsuka is a 12-year old with personality/memory dissorder. He meets Soubi who is mysteriously associated with his dead brother. Ritsuka comes to belive that his brother was been murdered by an organization called the Seven Moons. Together Soubi and Ritsuka try to find out the truth to his brothers death and they must engage in spell casting battles to progress. 12 episeodes to date but the series ended with the possibility of a continuation.

Loveless is interesting, smart and perceptive anime. On a
philosophical level it exploress love and life.
I will now list what you have to get past to enjoy this:

-magical pedophillia,
-shounen ai (boy/boy),
-shoujo ai (girl/girl),
-bondage, angst,
-furryphilia (might not be a real word)....

Sigh... why did I whatch this? (If you like you can just skip to the lesbians, episode 11 remains a personal favorite)

Sunday, August 13, 2006


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Kurono Kei and his past classmate Kato Masaru try to rescue a homeless person who falls subway tracks. Congrats on saving the homeless man but Kurono and Kato both die in the process very, very violently. He instantly finds himself in one piece and in a room filled with Kato and other formerly deseased. Also there is a mysterious black ball referred to as Gantz in the room. Gantz tells them all to go kill a target in a specific time and are suppllied a sophisticated arsenal to do so. If they accumilate enough points they can win back their lives. Well thats pretty much all the storyline your going to get in the series.

Gantz was bloody awesome but more specifically just bloody. Definately this is straight up not some kiddy anime. Gantz is fluent with strong sexual situations, strong violence and heavy gore both psychological and physical. With such a lacking storyline Gantz (the anime) focuses intensely on character developement and relations. If your not really interested into the psychological trip then skip to the more action packed episodes near the end. I recommend the manga to any of those interested in progressing beyond the 26 episodes and gaining some plot. Oh and make sure its uncut.

People put your guns up.

Saturday, August 12, 2006


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Set in the near future robots called Persocons have taken on pretty much every role of the personal computer. This is beneficial because they are extremely versatile, user friendly and.... mostly come in the form of attractive women. [cough]

Hideki Motosuwa has to move to the city, get a job and attend cram school since he failed his entrance exam into University. He's just your average nice guy/farm boy who loves his porn. On his way home he finds the disgarded Chii, a mysterious persocon that just might be the legendary Chobits which are rumoured to be able to think for themselves.

This is a love and comedy story that explores the relation ships between humans with humans and humans with persocons. The series will analise both the good and the bad aspects of these relationships. If you found the anime series very interesting I recomend the original manga by Clamp as it includes more details and certain themes didn't have to be toned down for Television also there is one huge plot in the manga that had to be ommited in the anime series.
There are 27 episodes in the series with some special dvd only shorts.


Chrono Crusade

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Note* Also referred to as Chrno Crusade.

During the 1920's the threat demons pose is great and it is up to the Order of Magdalene to fight the good fight. It is Sister Rosette Christopher's duty to fight evil in all its forms but she has her own agenda. Along with her demon companion Chrono/Chrno she tries to reclaim her brother from Lord Aion and end his malicious intentions but can she?

Chrono Crusade begins as a not so humble anime placing emphasis on comedic and action packed situations but as it progresses the plot becomes more and more compelling and dramatic. If you see this anime through you will find yourself addicted this interesting story. There are many religious themes being used but the anime tends to reinforce them positively. Prepare for a very fulfilling 24 episodes.

I guess that's what happens when a servant of God destroys an entire building.

Mermaid's Forest

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There is a myth that that if some one could find and eat a mermaid's flesh it would grant immortality. However to some it is a cursed life to whatch everything you love whither away while you wander the earth aimlessly.

Yuta and Mana have both eaten mermaid's flesh and regret their immortality. They now travel world looking for a way to end their immortality and hopefully die naturally in time. Their quest brings them across dark predicaments in which evil takes the form of gready humans searching for the secret of immortality at anycost.

The style and plot at times becomes a little chilling and dark but nothing over the line of horrific. The tale explores desire, human greed, selfishness and their respective consequences. The story progesses between Fuedal Japan in Yuta's memories and modern Japan which adds some interest . At times the storyline becomes a bit predictable with them being immortal and all but this is still a solid and noteable anime.

There were 11 episodes released on Japanese television but the final 2 episodes, which were very exciting, were realesed as dvd only because they were thought of as too "violent." Maybe immortality isn't something we should seek.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Love Hina

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Keitaro Urashima, hes a pervert a loser and he's also the landlord of an all girls dormatory.

Keitaro failed getting into the university of his choice twice and he got kicked out by his parents. Now as his last resort he tries to stay at his grandmothers hotel, the Hinata Inn and retake the exam as a ronin (those who have failed the entrance examination for a university) It just so happens that the Hinata house is now a female dormitory. If you couldn't tell before this is where DLLRS comes from. Oh and dont forget to check out the OVA "Love Hina Again" where Keitaro's sister comes into the mix.

Love Hina is a Romance Comedy thats another notch on the Shounen Harem Genre, one guy and alot of girls. It just happens to be based on one of the funniest mangas ever and lives up to it. The comedy overplays the romance though but not a problem. The character desighns were interesting and you'll tend to get sucked into the Love Hina universe. Be warned though it contains adult situeations, inuendo, perversion and fanservice.

Hey did you know? If two people who are in love go to Tokyo University, they’ll live happily ever after...

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Azumanga Daioh

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Azumanga Daioh is the grand summit of total and complete randomness. This is a commedy by genre and I found it uber cute and funny. 26 episodes of interesting.

Ohhhhh look at the uber cute penguine!

It generally centers around highschool girls each with their own unique and colourfull personalities. Some of the teachers get in on the action too but it tends to only focus on the main characters. There are pretty much only 2 boys in the entire anime. There is no compelling plot line that grabs you, no in depth analysis of reality and no deap messages to unravel. Just sit back and behold the extremely spontanous funnyness. Its simple and sweet. You'll enjoy yourselves with this one.

Canvas 2

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Canvas 2 was a very good love/comedy anime. The genre seems to be very popular in Japan and is growing. The chracters are interesting and unique enough to make you care and hold your attention. In case you were wondering Canvas 1 is the video game Canvas 2 is based off.

Ok so with colourfull characters, funny situations, mild perverted humour, tragic romance and intense drama scenes Canvas 2 comes highly recommended. 24 episodes.

Understand the joy that can be obtained from spending meaningless time from someone...

Our hero is Kamikura Hiroki, an art teacher in training who doesn't draw any more for some mysterious reason, ironic. He is currently living with his cousin Housen Ellse after her parents were involved in a car accident. She also attends the same school her brother is training at. Kiri Kikyou,his childhood crush, suddenly makes a return in his life by becoming the new Phys.Ed. teacher. What ensues is a complicated love relationship that is simultaniously humourous and tragic while Kamikura deals with his own personal issues and tries to regain his confidence as an artist.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Gunslinger Girl

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Another nice anime series that im actually close to finishing. About 13 episodes to my knowledge. Just a little reminder that I whatch most of these animes in Japanese with subs.

Little girls with guns, enough said.

A government organisation that saves the lives of little girls also use these little girls as anti-terrorist elite operatives. Due to their "conditioning" they have little memory of who they were resulting in almost all the story revolving around the relationship between the girls and their supervisors. Of course guns, really kool guns, really big guns. The gun senes are fast and action packed. The this anime series is depression trying to supress moments of heart warming kindness. When you don't get that fealing of overwhelming sincere kindness you will instead get an earie uneasyness. Like a fake smile trying to hide a secret most of the moments are truly sad whether or not it is appearant from observing the characters.

Justice doesn't come without a price...

All the episodes can be found on YouTube

Elfen Lied

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Elfin Lied is officialy my new favourite anime series. I have fallen completely in love with it but whatching this will make you feel pain...

Extreme violence, intense drama, uber cuteness, love, comedy and phsychological mahem. 13 episodes with one secret episode making it 14 total.

Lucy is a creature called a Diclonius with telekenetic abilities in the form of "vectors." She escapes from a research facility where she was held captive and makes a sadistic masacre on her way out. Kouta and his cousin Yuka find Lucy who has lost her memory and is hence forth called Nyu by them, Nyu is surprising helpless and docile. Soon their happy little family grows with the addition of Mayu, a runaway from an abusive household, and Nana, another Diclonius. Together they have formed and interesting and yet still loving family but the secrets of the Diclonius and a mysterious organisation threatens that.

What I have come to know and love about Elfin Lied is that it explores the cruelty and depression in this world and how good people try to fight against that, but that's just my opinion. I walked away from whatching this anime with a desire to fight just like that. So not a typical happy-go-lucky anime series but in the end, no regrets (smile). Good people shouldn't get hurt....

All the episodes can be found on YouTube but none the less
get the dvd version, no regrets.


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